100% Pure Organic Açai Extract Powder ( refractrance window system)


Super concentrated, ideal for mixing in a blender with your favorite fruits for juices, smoothies, açai bowls, cocktails, deserts, cakes, breads, capsule pills, skin care, beauty therapy, shampoos and conditioner.


The natural pulp is extracted from the açaí berries and dehydrated by Refractrance Window system, a drying system that preserves all the nutritional benefits of the Açaí, extracting the liquid from the berry trough infra red lights, without using high or low temperatures.



Natural​ ​Organic Açaí​ ​Pulp (16 kg of the fresh fruit dried, turns in 1 kg of pure 100% organic açai powder)





Powdered açai: Dilute 120g of Açaí powder in 880g of filtered water (without chlorine or iron), stir until the product completely dissolves. 




AÇAÍ IN THE BOWL:  30g of Powder Açaí add 50g of sugar (sugar to taste) in 60 ml of cooled water. Stir until the​ ​product​ ​completely​ ​dissolves.​ ​Add​ ​200g​ ​of​ ​ice​ ​and​ ​blend until creamy enough to serve.



Organic Açai Extract Powder 100% pure